9 Netflix Shows to Watch This November

Celebrity Images: Netflix Design Elements: Getty | Kieran Stone; Rosemary Calvert Photo Illustration: Ava CruzCelebrity Images: NetflixDesign Elements: Getty | Kieran Stone; Rosemary Calvert Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

In addition to having the best binge-watching shows and documentaries


“S Life”

A woman must confront her past when her ex-lover barges back into her life. But as she tries to resist his lustful temptation, her marriage and family come into jeopardy.

Watch “Life” on Netflix now.

"Tiny Pretty Things"

“Tiny Pretty Things”

Based on the YA book series of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, this drama is set in the world of Chicago’s elite ballet academy the Archer School. Get ready for some steam.

Watch “Tiny Pretty Things” on Netflix now.

"Young Royals"

“Young Royals”

The great thing about “Young Royals” on Netflix is that its steamy scenes come with a layer of realism. There are no unattainable intimacy aspirations or completely unrealistic sex scenarios. Rather, the series explores the reality and intensity of intimacy with your first love — the good, the awkward, and everything in between.

Watch “Young Royals” on Netflix now.

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This modern depiction of the Regency era in England follows the lives of the illustrious Bridgerton family as they each attempt to find true love.

Watch “Bridgerton” on Netflix now.

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Based on the tales of King Arthur, Netflix’s short-lived “Cursed” follows a magically gifted young woman named Nimue (Katherine Langford) who fights to protect her fellow Fey people from the vicious Red Paladins. This fantasy series isn’t all adventure, though — some steamy romance unfolds.

Watch “Cursed” on Netflix now.

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"Twice Upon a Time"

“Twice Upon a Time”

This French romantic drama tells the story of Vincent (Gaspard Ulliel), who — while still recovering from a breakup — receives a mysterious package that may just allow him to have a second shot with his ex.

Watch “Twice Upon a Time” on Netflix now.

"Emily in Paris"
Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2022

“Emily in Paris”

Emily in Paris” doesn’t show too much action, but it’s amazing at building sexual tension — and letting that tension snap. Plus, the idea of being young, unattached, and living in Paris — the sexiness writes itself.

Watch “Emily in Paris” on Netflix now.

"The House of Flowers"

“The House of Flowers”

This dark comedy follows the lives of a wealthy and dysfunctional Mexican family who own a flower shop — and the matriarch’s attempts to save face after her husband’s affair (as well as all of the family’s secrets) comes to light. The series has served as a major turning point for modern-day Mexican television, featuring not just atypical families but also characters with a diverse range of sexual preferences and gender identities.

Watch “The House of Flowers” on Netflix now.

"Someone Has to Die"

“Someone Has to Die”

Created by Manolo Caro (the mind behind Netflix’s “The House of Flowers”), this thriller is set in 1950s Spain during the Franco regime and tells the story of a man who shocks his conservative family by bringing home his new love: a male ballet performer from Mexico.

Watch “Someone Has to Die” on Netflix now.

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“Gentefied” revolves around Pops, or Abuelo (Joaquín Cosío), who runs a taco shop in Boyle Heights, but it’s also about his grandchildren, who iron out their love lives as they help their family business stay afloat. All of his grandchildren struggle with the trials and tribulations of sex and romance while figuring out their paths in life.

Watch “Gentefied” on Netflix now.

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