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Exploring American Public University: Your Gateway to Quality Online Education

American Public University offers a range of academic programs including associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees alongside various certificate courses. The university’s undergraduate programs, especially the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), are popular among military students seeking to enhance their skill sets before transitioning to civilian careers.

The BBA program, consisting of 120 credits with an option to transfer up to 90 credits, offers specializations in business analysis, data analytics, economics, small business management, information technology management, marketing, or international business management. An online general version of the program is also available.

Geared towards individuals interested in the fire industry, the university provides a comprehensive program that trains students for roles like arson investigators. This program mandates at least 66 major-specific credits in addition to elective courses and general education classes. Coursework includes subjects such as Fire Administration and Safety, Fire Protection in Building Construction, Research Designs and Methods, and Applications of Fire Research.

APU’s 36-credit History program allows students to choose a concentration in American, European, Global, Public, or Ancient and Classical History. They complete a minimum of 24 credits related to their chosen concentration and 12 credits of required courses. History majors are encouraged to participate in a special topics class or engage in an independent study project as part of the curriculum. Moreover, the university offers a Master of Arts in Military History for interested students.

While not qualifying students to practice law, the university’s Legal Studies program serves as an extension for individuals seeking to expand their legal knowledge. With the option to transfer up to 15 credits, students not transferring any credits complete a 36-credit program within two years. The curriculum includes essential courses like Homeland Security and the Law, as well as Sports Law. Additionally, completion of a capstone project in the final year is a requirement for legal studies majors at American Public University.

About American Public University

American Public University, commonly known as APUS, constitutes the American Public University System and comprises two institutions: American Public University and American Military University. Over half of the student body consists of active-duty military personnel, with many utilizing GI Bill benefits for their education.

Established in 1991 as American Military University, it initially offered 18 graduate programs when classes commenced in 1993. It provided unique educational opportunities tailored for military personnel, allowing them to pursue courses conducive to military advancement via distance learning and mail-based coursework.

American Public University
American Public University

In 1995, the institution expanded its offerings to include undergraduate programs. However, its growth surged significantly after introducing online programs toward the end of the decade. Today, over 84,000 students attend the university via its virtual campus, with undergraduate students constituting over 80% of the student population. Both APU and AMU, the main branches of the system, collectively provide access to more than 200 degree and certificate programs for aspiring students.

American Public University Accreditation Details

APU holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, enabling students to utilize FAFSA for financial aid applications and accept offered aid. This accreditation also facilitates the transfer of college credits into APU degree programs for incoming transfer students. Specifically, APU’s undergraduate nursing and business programs, as well as its Master of Public Health graduate program, hold accreditation.

APU Application Requirements

While a significant portion of APU’s student body comprises current or former military personnel, the university is open to students from diverse backgrounds. Prospective undergraduate applicants must hold a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification before commencing classes. During the application process, they are required to submit their high school transcripts. Additionally, students who have completed fewer than nine college-level credits must undertake the College Readiness Assessment, which determines their starting proficiency in subjects such as English and mathematics. Certain programs at APU necessitate a minimum of one year of field experience for admission.

Compared to other institutions, APU has relatively fewer prerequisites for prospective graduate students. Applicants are expected to possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university in the United States. However, international students seeking admission to APU must fulfill additional requirements, including the submission of official transcripts, completion of the online application, and provision of a valid photo ID prior to enrollment. The university accepts various forms of government-issued identification, including military IDs.

Tuition Fee and Financial Aid

The tuition fees at APU vary based on the student’s academic level and whether they are affiliated with the military. Undergraduates are charged $270 per credit hour, while graduate students pay $350 per credit hour. Students opting to audit classes pay $100 per course without earning credits. Military personnel, their spouses, and dependents receive a discounted rate of $250 for undergrad courses and $350 for graduate courses. Doctoral program enrollees face higher costs, whereas those in associate programs enjoy reduced fees.

APU provides tuition payment plans for students covering their expenses independently. Additionally, arrangements can be made with the university for tuition reimbursement from employer-based programs. Multiple scholarships are accessible to eligible students, with the option to apply online. Filing the FAFSA online is also encouraged, and any awarded financial aid can be utilized at American Public University.

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